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“The credit belongs to the man... who spends himself in   

a worthy cause.”

~ Teddy Roosevelt

    Man In The Arena


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Our Cookies

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Our Mission

Be an anchor to someone in stormy seas. 

Our mission is to give you the opportunity to be that anchor by purchasing cookies from us. When you do ... we donate 17% of the profit to the worthy cause of your choice. Not only will your stomach be happy but you are spreading that happiness to others ... as well as hope, faith, and strength ... symbolic of the anchor.

How it Works

1.) Choose the cookie you are interested in purchasing and click on the picture above.

2) Explore the Local Charities below we support ... pick your Worthy Cause.

3) Fill out the order form and check off which charity you would like to donate to. We will donate 17% of your purchase to this Worthy Cause! 


Who will your worthy cause be?

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