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definition of true north

True North is "north according to the earth's axis, not magnetic north.”If we were to go to the North Pole following a compass, we would be pulled by the magnetism in the magnetic rocks that would lead us to magnetic north. We would not be led to “True North."  To find true north we must rely on a map and its geographical lines.  Finding true north is essential for accurate navigation.

Heading true north

In our life journey, we are often pulled by forces that can take us away from our true potential as a person. This magnetism can come from society, personal struggles, family struggles, addictions, etc. They all pull us away from our ability to reach our potential, our truest selves.  When we align ourselves with Jesus ...  when He becomes the standard by which we understand and navigate our world... then He becomes our "True North." My mission is to follow Him always and to point others to him. This is the mission of True North!


Our Lady

Mary is our mother in heaven. My earthly mother, Mary, wrapped me in Our Lady's mantle at a very young age. She has been a source of comfort throughout my life. If we are headed True North to Christ, the best guide to help us along the way is his own mother! As Louis Grignion de Montfort said, "To Jesus through Mary." 

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"Follow me"

- Matthw 4:19

31* 42' 59.99" N

35* 11'  60.00" E


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