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       HISTORY of True North Business 
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In May of 2002, Cathy Maziarz (Cathy Ervin at the time) decided to combine her two passions, outdoor adventure and teaching.  With a degree in elementary education and an outdoor experience that ranged from Everest Base Camp to a Navajo Reservation...she developed a program called EO-Challenge, Education Outdoors Challenge. A program for children to learn through outdoor adventure, while promoting self esteem, values, team building and fun! Now with her husband Greg by her side, Cathy decided to add more depth to EO-Challenge where faith would be at the center.  With their compass set on Christ, their true north, "True North, LLC " was born!







The mission of True North Tutoring is provide ropes of encouragement, educational skills, and self-esteem…so that every child reaches their potential by guiding them to their “True North.”


The mission of True North Adventures is  to provide a faith based adventure program to children of all ages. We hope to instill a love for learning, to challenge the body physically, to strengthen our personal relationships with Christ, and to give back to others around us. When we set our compass to Christ, our "True North," we will reach the summit!  




We are committed to offering the best experience for our adventurers, our students, and our clients ... therefore we will:

  • Provide a safe environment

  • Maintain a ratio of 4:1 , participant to guide (for TN Adventures)

  • Maintain a ratio of 1:1, teacher to student (for TN Tutoring)

  • Offer competitive yet fair prices

  • Promote fun above all else!

  • Model Christian values and beliefs

  • Educate based on state standards

  • Provide adventure skills at a range of levels


For 2021 we will be donating to:

  • 10% of our profit will be donated to St. Bonaventure Indian and Mission School in Thoreau, NM. For more information please visit the website:

         OUR MISSION
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